Translation of "model" - English-French dictionary


noun countablemodel /ˈmɒdl/
an object made to look just like sth larger or smaller
modèle masculine (réduit) , maquette feminine

He builds model airplanes.
Il construit des modèles réduits d'avion.

a model of a cell
un modèle de cellule
sth used as a good example to copy
modèle masculine , exemple masculine

We're using Paris' transportation system as a model for ours.
Nous utilisons le système de transport en commun parisien comme modèle pour le nôtre.
sb who is photographed or drawn
mannequin masculine

a famous fashion model
un célèbre mannequin de mode
a particular version of a company's vehicle or machine
modèle masculine

The 2010 models will have many new features.
Les modèles 2010 auront de nombreuses nouvelles caractéristiques.


verbmodel /ˈmɒdl/ ( modeling, modeled or modelling, modelled )
transitive-intransitive to wear fashionable clothes, hair styles, etc. in order to be photographed
être mannequin

She models for a living.
Elle gagne sa vie comme mannequin.

women modeling the latest fashions
des femmes présentant les dernières modes
transitive to use sth as an example to copy
prendre modèle/exemple

They modeled the architecture on the old art museum.
Ils ont pris modèle/exemple sur l'ancien musée d'art pour l'architecture.


adjectivemodel /ˈmɒdl/
being a copy of sth
en modèle réduit

a collection of model cars
une collection de voitures en modèle réduit
used as an example of sth very good or perfect

a model child
un enfant modèle

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noun /ˈmodl/

a copy or representation of something usually on a much smaller scale

modèle (réduit)
a model of the Taj Mahal
(also adjective) a model aeroplane.

a particular type or design of something, eg a car, that is manufactured in large numbers

Our car is a 2012 model.

a person who wears clothes etc so that possible buyers can see them being worn

He has a job as a male fashion model.

a person who is painted, sculpted, photographed etc by an artist, photographer etc

I work as an artist’s model.

something that can be used to copy from

Use the sentences in the coursebook as models for your own writing.

a person or thing which is an excellent example

She is a model of politeness
(also adjective) model behaviour.
modelling noun (American modeling)



verb (past tense, past participle modelled, British modeled)

to work or pose as a model for an artist, photographer etc

She models at the local art school.

to make models (of things or people)

He models (the heads of famous people) in clay.

to form (something) into a (particular) shape

modeler, prendre modèle sur
She modelled the clay into the shape of a penguin

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