Translation of "nest" - English-French dictionary


noun countablenest /nɛst/
an object built by a bird from twigs, leaves, etc.
nid masculine

a bird's nest
un nid d'oiseau
a structure built by small creatures such as insects to live in
nid masculine

an ant's nest
un nid de fourmis


verb intransitive
to build or live in a nest

Some birds will nest in hollows in tree trunks.
Certains oiseaux nichent dans des creux de troncs d'arbres.

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noun /nest/

a structure or place in which birds (and some animals and insects) hatch or give birth to and look after their young

The swallows are building a nest under the roof of our house
a wasp’s nest.
nestling /-liŋ/ noun

a young bird (still in the nest).

nest-egg noun

a sum of money saved up for the future.


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