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verbnip /nɪp/ ( nipping, nipped )
transitive-intransitive to give a small bite

The puppy nipped me on the leg.
Le chiot m'a mordillè la jambe.
intransitive Brit informal to quickly go somewhere nearby
faire un saut

I'll just nip out and get some milk.
Je vais juste faire un saut dehors pour acheter du lait.

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verb /nip/ (past tense, past participle nipped)

to press between the thumb and a finger, or between claws or teeth, causing pain; to pinch or bite

pincer; donner un coup de dent
A crab nipped her toe
The dog nipped her ankle.

to cut with such an action

He nipped the wire with the pliers
He nipped off the heads of the flowers.

to sting

Iodine nips when it is put on a cut.

to move quickly; to make a quick, usually short, journey

faire un saut à
I’ll just nip into this shop for cigarettes
He nipped over to Paris for the week-end.

to stop the growth of (plants etc)

The frost has nipped the roses.
nippy adjective

(of the weather) cold.


quick-moving; nimble

rapide, preste
a nippy little car.
nip (something) in the bud

to stop (something) as soon as it starts

étouffer dans l’oeuf
The managers nipped the strike in the bud.



a sharp stinging quality, or coldness in the weather

froid, piquant
a nip in the air.

a small drink, especially of spirits.

petit verre

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