Translation of "opinion" - English-French dictionary


noun countableopinion /əˈpɪnyən/
what sb thinks or believes about sth or sb
opinion feminine , avis masculine

What's your opinion of the new boss?
Quelle est ton opinion sur le nouveau patron ?

to have a high/low opinion of sth/sb
avoir une haute/piètre opinion de qqch/qqn

I haven't been asked to give my opinion.
On ne m'a pas demandé de donner mon avis.

In my opinion, they should never have bought that house.
A mon avis, ils n'auraient jamais dû acheter cette maison.
a difference of opinion
when people do not agree
une divergence d'opinion

a difference of opinion about what we should do next
une divergence d'opinion quant à ce que nous devrions faire ensuite
public opinion
the opinion of most people in a society
opinion publique

The White House would be foolish to ignore public opinion on this matter.
La Maison Blanche serait stupide d'ignorer l'opinion publique sur cette affaire.

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noun /əˈpinjən/

what a person thinks or believes

My opinions about education have changed.

a (professional) judgement, usually of a doctor, lawyer etc

He wanted a second opinion on his illness.

what one thinks of the worth or value of someone or something

I have a very high opinion of his work.
be of the opinion (that)

to think

être d’avis que
He is of the opinion that nothing more can be done.
in my ( your etc opinion)

according to what I, you etc think

à mon/votre, etc. avis
In my opinion, he’s right.
a matter of opinion

something about which different people (may) have different opinions

affaire d’opinion
Whether it is better to marry young or not is a matter of opinion.

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