Translation of "partial" - English-French dictionary


adjectivepartial /ˈpɑrʃəl/
not complete or whole

partial loss of vision
perte partielle de la vision
=biased; ≠impartial; being in favor of one person or thing more than another

a partial witness
un témoin partial
partial to
fond of
qui aime bien

I'm partial to a glass of wine with dinner.
J'aime bien prendre un verre de vin au dîner.

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adjective /ˈpaːʃəl/

not complete; in part only

a partial success
partial payment.

having a liking for (a person or thing)

qui a un faible pour
He is very partial to cheese.
partiality /-ʃiˈӕləti/ noun

a liking for

faible (pour, envers)
He has a partiality for cheese.

the preferring of one person or side more than another

partialité (pour)
He could not help showing his partiality for/towards his own team.

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