Translation of "passage" - English-French dictionary


nounpassage /ˈpæsɪdʒ/
countable a long narrow enclosed area leading from one place to another
passage masculine

a secret passage under the house
un passage secret sous la maison
countable a section of a piece of writing or music
passage masculine

a passage from the novel/symphony
un passage extrait du roman / de la symphonie
uncountable a movement from one place or state to another
traversée feminine

their passage through the jungles of Africa
leur traversée des jungles d'Afrique

a father's passage through grief
l'expérience du chagrin d'un père
countable one of the tubes in your body
conduit masculine

the nasal passages
les fosses nasales
the passage of time
the passing of time
l'écoulement du temps

ways of measuring the passage of time
des moyens de mesurer l'écoulement du temps

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noun /ˈpӕsidʒ/

a long narrow way through, eg a corridor through a building

There was a dark passage leading down to the river between tall buildings.

a part of a piece of writing or music

That is my favourite passage from the Bible.

(usually of time) the act of passing

the passage of time.

a journey by boat

He paid for his passage by working as a steward.

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