Translation of "pile" - English-French dictionary


noun countablepile /paɪl/
a number of things on top of each other
pile feminine

piles of paper/clothes
piles de papiers/vêtements

I found it in a pile of old books.
Je l'ai trouvé dans une pile de vieux livres.
Brit informal a lot
informal tas masculine

He inherited a pile of money.
Il a hérité d'un tas argent.


verb transitivepile /paɪl/
to make a pile of things
empiler , entasser

Just pile the bags over in the corner.
Empilez juste les sacs là dans le coin.

trucks piled high with firewood
des camions remplis de bois de chauffage entassé haut

pile in/into

verb phrasalpile in/into [ ˈpaɪl ˈɪn/ˈɪntu, ˈɪntə ]
(of a group of people) to get inside sth quickly
s'entasser dans

The whole family piled into the car and drove off.
Toute la famille s'entassa dans la voiture et partit.

pile up

verb phrasalpile up [ ˈpaɪl ˈʌp ]
=accumulate; to get bigger in amount
s'amonceler , s'accumuler

as the snow piled up outside
comme la neige s'amoncelait dehors

The work was piling up.
Le travail s'accumulait.
to make a pile of things
faire des tas/piles

Pile the leaves up and put them in bags.
Faites des tas de feuilles et mettez-les dans des sacs.

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noun /pail/

a (large) number of things lying on top of each other in a tidy or untidy heap; a (large) quantity of something lying in a heap

There was a neat pile of books in the corner of the room
There was pile of rubbish at the bottom of the garden.

a large quantity, especially of money

He must have piles of money to own a car like that.
pile-up noun

an accident or crash involving usually several vehicles

There has been a serious pile-up on the motorway, involving three cars and a lorry.
pile up

to make or become a pile; to accumulate

He piled up the earth at the end of the garden
The rubbish piled up in the kitchen.


noun /pail/

a large pillar or stake driven into the ground as a foundation for a building, bridge etc

pilot(is), pieu
The entire city of Venice is built on piles.
pile-driver noun

a machine for driving piles into the ground.



noun /pail/

the thick soft surface of carpets and some kinds of cloth eg velvet

poil (d’un tapis), (tissus à) poil
The rug has a deep/thick pile.

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