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noun countablepitch /pɪtʃ/
how high or low a sound or musical note is
hauteur feminine

the high pitch of the engine's whine
la hauteur élevée du vrombissement du moteur
the intensity of emotion or activity
degré masculine
fever pitch
high intensity
pic masculine d'intensité

Excitement about the tournament has reached a fever pitch this week.
L'excitation à propos du tournoi a atteint un pic d'intensité / était à son comble cette semaine.
a speech used to sell a product
boniment masculine

the car salesman's pitch
le boniment du vendeur de voitures
in baseball, an act of throwing a ball to the batter
lancer masculine

The first pitch was a strike.
Le premier lancer a été un strike.
Brit a field for playing a sport on
terrain masculine

a football pitch
un terrain de football


verbpitch /pɪtʃ/
transitive-intransitive in baseball, to throw a ball to the batter

He's pitching a lot of fast balls.
Il lance beaucoup de balles rapides.

Who's pitching?
Qui est au lancer ?
pitch a tent
to put a tent up
dresser une tente

They pitched their tent beneath the trees.
Ils ont dressé leur tente sous les arbres.

pitch in

verb phrasalpitch in [ ˈpɪtʃ ˈɪn ]
to help other people do sth
donner un coup de main

We all pitched in to clean up the yard.
Nous avons tous donné un coup de main pour nettoyer la cour.

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verb /pitʃ/

to set up (a tent or camp)

They pitched their tent in the field.

to throw

He pitched the stone into the river.

to (cause to) fall heavily

He pitched forward.

(of a ship) to rise and fall violently

The boat pitched up and down on the rough sea.

to set (a note or tune) at a particular level

donner le ton
He pitched the tune too high for my voice.

of a (certain) musical pitch

de registre (aigu, grave…)
a high-pitched / low-pitched voice.
pitcher noun

a person who pitches especially (in baseball) the player who throws the ball.

pitched battle

a battle between armies that have been prepared and arranged for fighting beforehand

bataille rangée
They fought a pitched battle.
pitchfork noun

a large long-handled fork for lifting and moving hay.




the degree of highness or lowness of a musical note, voice etc.


an extreme point or intensity

His anger reached such a pitch that he hit her.

the part of a street etc where a street-seller or entertainer works

He has a pitch on the High Street.

the act of pitching or throwing or the distance something is pitched

That was a long pitch.

(of a ship) the act of pitching.



noun /pitʃ/

a thick black substance obtained from tar

as black as pitch.
pitch-black adjective ( pitch-dark)

as black, or dark, as pitch; completely black or dark

noir comme du jais
Outside the house it was pitch-black
It’s a pitch-dark night.

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