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noun countableplace /pleɪs/
a position, location, or area
endroit masculine

I found a place to hide the presents.
J'ai trouvé un endroit pour cacher les cadeaux.

a great place for fishing
un super endroit pour pêcher

Everybody took their places on stage.
Tout le monde a pris sa place sur scène.

Put the money in a safe place.
Mets l'argent dans un endroit sûr.
in/into place
in/into the correct position
en position

The soldiers were all in place.
Les soldats étaient tous en position.
a country, city, building, house, etc.
endroit masculine , maison feminine

I'm looking for a place to live.
Je cherche un endroit où vivre.

Aruba is the best place for a relaxing beach vacation.
Aruba est le meilleur endroit pour des vacances relaxantes à la plage.
my/his/her/their/your place
the place sb lives
chez moi/lui/elle/eux/toi/vous

We can all go back to my place.
On peut tous aller chez moi.
place of work/business/worship
lieu masculine de travail/culte

churches, temples, and other places of worship
églises, temples et autres lieux de culte
a position in a race or competition
place feminine , position feminine

Who got first/second/third place?
Qui est arrivé en première/deuxième/troisième position ?

a candidate in last place
un candidat en dernière position
importance or position in relation to others
place feminine

the place of minority ethnic groups in society
la place des groupes ethniques minoritaires dans la société
a seat in a public place or vehicle, or a position in a line of people
place feminine

I'll save your place in line.
Je vais garder ta place dans la file.
the part of a book or speech you have reached
page feminine

I lost my place in the book.
J'ai perdu ma page dans le livre.
Brit the right to become a member of a team, organization, school, etc.
place feminine

children who already have a place at the nursery
les enfants qui ont déjà une place en crèche
in/into place
ready to be used
en place

Security arrangements are in place for the president's visit.
Le dispositif de sécurité est en place pour la visite du président.
out of place
not fitting in with other people or things
pas à sa place , déplacé/-ée

I felt out of place with my sister's friends.
Je ne me sentais pas à ma place avec les amis de ma sœur.

The modern art looked out of place in the old house.
L'art moderne semblait déplacé dans la maison ancienne.
not fitting in with other people or things
pas à sa place , déplacé/-ée

I felt out of place with my sister's friends.
Je ne me sentais pas à ma place avec les amis de ma sœur.

The modern art looked out of place in the old house.
L'art moderne semblait déplacé dans la maison ancienne.
put/keep sb in their place
to make sb feel silly or worthless
remettre qqn à sa place

He put me in my place with a single word.
Il m'a remis à ma place d'un seul mot.
take place
to happen
se passer

Nobody knows what took place that night.
Personne ne sait ce qui s'est passé cette nuit-là.
take the place of
to do sth instead of sb, or be used instead of sth

the manager who took Ryan's place
le directeur qui a remplacé Ryan

Video games have taken the place of board games and sports.
Les jeux vidéo ont remplacé les jeux de société et les sports.


verb transitiveplace /pleɪs/
to put carefully in a position

She placed his picture next to the others.
Elle a placé sa photo près des autres.
formal to cause to be in a situation or state
placer , classer

The discovery places the university at the forefront of cancer research.
La découverte place l'université à la pointe de la recherche sur le cancer.
to decide the importance or rank of sth in relation to others

We place teamwork high on our list of priorities.
Nous plaçons le travail d'équipe en tête de notre liste de priorités.

politicians who place power above principles
des politiciens qui placent le pouvoir au-dessus des principes

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noun /pleis/

a particular spot or area

a quiet place in the country
I spent my holiday in various different places.

an empty space

There’s a place for your books on this shelf.

an area or building with a particular purpose

a market-place.

a seat (in a theatre, train, at a table etc)

He went to his place and sat down.

a position in an order, series, queue etc

She got the first place in the competition
I lost my place in the queue.

a person’s position or level of importance in society etc

Warriors rose to an important place in Aztec society.

a point in the text of a book etc

The wind was blowing the pages of my book and I kept losing my place.

duty or right

It’s not my place to tell him he’s wrong.

a job or position in a team, organization etc

He’s got a place in the team
He’s hoping for a place on the staff.

house; home

chez soi
Come over to my place.

(often abbreviated to Pl.when written) a word used in the names of certain roads, streets or squares.


a number or one of a series of numbers following a decimal point

place décimale
Make the answer correct to four decimal places.
place-name noun

the name of a town, hill, valley etc.

nom de lieu
go places

to be successful, especially in one’s career

aller loin
That young man is sure to go places.
in the first/second etc place

expressions used to show steps in an argument, explanation etc

He decided not to buy the house, because in the first place it was too expensive, and in the second place it was too far from his office.
in place

in the proper position; tidy

en place, à sa place
He left everything in place.
in place of

instead of

au lieu de, à (sa) place
We advise discussion in place of argument
John couldn’t go, so I went in his place.
out of place

not suitable (to the occasion etc)

His clothes are quite out of place at a formal dinner.

not in the proper position; untidy

Although he had had to run most of the way, he arrived with not a hair out of place.
put oneself in someone else’s place

to imagine what it would be like to be someone else

se mettre à la place de
If you put yourself in his place, you can understand why he is so careful.
put (someone) in his/her place

to remind (someone), often in a rude or angry way, of his lower social position, or lack of importance, experience etc

remettre (qqn) à sa place
She put him in his place with a stern telling-off.
take place

to happen

se passer
What took place after that?
take the place of

to be used instead of, or to be a substitute for

I don’t think television will ever take the place of books.



to remember who a person is

I know I’ve seen her before, but I can’t quite place her.

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