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adjectiveplain /pleɪn/
=simple; without decoration or extra things added

plain white plates
de simples assiettes blanches

good plain food
une nourriture simple et bonne
=clear; easy to see or understand
clair/claire , évident/-ente

It was plain that the plan wasn't working.
Il était évident que le plan ne marchait pas.

a document written in plain English
un document écrit dans un anglais clair
make it plain
to make very easy to understand
bien faire comprendre

He made it plain that he was not interested.
Il a bien fait comprendre qu'il n'était pas intéressé.
plain speaking
a clear and direct way of talking
franc-parler masculine

He prides himself on his plain speaking.
Il est fier de son franc-parler.
plain and simple
emphasizes sth is done in a clear, definite way
purement et simplement

The union refused to accept it, plain and simple.
Le syndicat a purement et simplement refusé de l'accepter.
(of a person) not very pretty or attractive
ordinaire , quelconque

a plain child
un enfant ordinaire/quelconque


noun countableplain /pleɪn/
a large flat area of land
plaine feminine

the plains of the Midwestern U.S.
les plaines du Midwest


adverbplain /pleɪn/
emphasizes a bad quality
tout simplement

That was just plain stupid!
C'était tout simplement stupide!

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adjective /plein/

simple or ordinary; without ornament or decoration

plain living
good, plain food.

easy to understand; clear

His words were quite plain.

absolutely open or honest, with no attempt to be tactful

I’ll be quite plain with you
plain speaking.


évident, clair
It’s plain (to see) you haven’t been practising your music.

not pretty

a rather plain girl.
plainly adverb

simplement; clairement
plainness noun

simplicité; clarté
plain chocolate

dark chocolate not containing milk.

chocolat à croquer
plain clothes adjective (etc)

a plain-clothes job.

vêtements civils; en civil
plain sailing

progress without difficulty

(chose) qui va comme sur des roulettes
Life is not always plain sailing.
plain-spoken adjective

speaking honestly and candidly, not trying to be tactful

She is a very plain-spoken person who always says what she means.



a kind of knitting stitch.

maille à l’endroit

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