Translation of "plain" - English-French dictionary


adjective /plein/

simple or ordinary; without ornament or decoration

plain living
good, plain food.

easy to understand; clear

His words were quite plain.

absolutely open or honest, with no attempt to be tactful

I’ll be quite plain with you
plain speaking.


évident, clair
It’s plain (to see) you haven’t been practising your music.

not pretty

a rather plain girl.
plainly adverb

simplement; clairement
plainness noun

simplicité; clarté
plain chocolate

dark chocolate not containing milk.

chocolat à croquer
plain clothes adjective (etc)

a plain-clothes job.

vêtements civils; en civil
plain sailing

progress without difficulty

(chose) qui va comme sur des roulettes
Life is not always plain sailing.
plain-spoken adjective

speaking honestly and candidly, not trying to be tactful

She is a very plain-spoken person who always says what she means.

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