Translation of "power" - English-French dictionary


noun /ˈpauə/

(an) ability

pouvoir, faculté
A witch has magic power
A cat has the power of seeing in the dark
He no longer has the power to walk.

strength, force or energy

muscle power
water power
(also adjective) a power tool (=a tool operated by electricity etc. not by hand).

authority or control

political groups fighting for power
How much power does the Queen have?
I have him in my power at last

a right belonging to eg a person in authority

The police have the power of arrest.

a person with great authority or influence

personne influente
He is quite a power in the town.

a strong and influential country

the Western powers.

the result obtained by multiplying a number by itself a given number of times

2  2  2 or 23 is the third power of 2, or 2 to the power of 3.
powered adjective

supplied with mechanical power

actionné (mécaniquement, électriquement…)
The machine is powered by electricity
an electrically-powered machine.
powerful adjective

having great strength, influence etc

a powerful engine
He’s powerful in local politics.
powerfully adverb

powerfulness noun

powerless adjective

having no power

The king was powerless to prevent the execution.
powerlessness noun

power cut/failure

a break in the electricity supply

panne de courant
We had a power cut last night.
power-driven adjective

worked by electricity or other mechanical means, not by hand

à moteur
power-driven machinery.
power point

a socket on a wall etc into which an electric plug can be fitted.

prise de courant
power station

a building where electricity is produced

centrale électrique
a nuclear power station.
be in power

(of a political party) to be the governing party

être au pouvoir
The National Party is currently in power.

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