Translation of "private" - English-French dictionary


adjectiveprivate /ˈpraɪvɪt/
in a place where you cannot be seen or heard by other people

a private consultation room
une salle de consultation privée

Let's go over there where it's more private.
Allons là où c'est plus tranquille.
in private
en privé

I needed to discuss it with him in private.
Il fallait que j'en discute avec lui en privé.
(of personal information) that you do not want everyone to know about
privé/-ée , confidentiel/-elle

sb's private records
les informations personnelles de qqn

a private matter
une affaire privée
private life
sb's personal activities, not what they do at work
vie feminine privée

She doesn't want to talk about her private life.
Elle ne veut pas parler de sa vie privée.
only for one person or only for the owners to use
privé/-ée , privatif/-ive

a house with a private pool
une maison avec une piscine privative

his own private jet
son propre jet privé

private English lessons
des leçons particulières d'anglais
paid for or controlled by individuals, not the government

a private college
une université privée

a private company
une entreprise privée


adverbprivately /ˈpraɪvɪtli/
en privé

Can we talk privately somewhere?
Pouvons-nous parler quelque-part en privé ?

We'll be paying for her education privately.
Nous payons pour qu'elle étudie dans le privé.

a privately owned car
une voiture privée


noun countableprivate /ˈpraɪvɪt/
a soldier of the lowest rank
soldat masculine de deuxième classe

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adjective /ˈpraivət/

of, for, or belonging to, one person or group, not to the general public

The headmaster lives in a private apartment in the school
in my private (=personal) opinion
This information is to be kept strictly private
You shouldn’t listen to private conversations.

having no public or official position or rank

simple (citoyen/-enne)
It is your duty as a private citizen to report this matter to the police.
privacy /ˈprivəsi, (American) ˈprai-/ noun

the state of being away from other people’s sight or interest

in the privacy of your own home.
privately adverb

en privé
private enterprise

the management and financing of industry etc by individual persons or companies and not by the state.

entreprise privée
private means

money that does not come from one’s work but from investment, inheritance etc.

fortune personnelle
in private

with no-one else listening or watching; not in public

en privé
May I speak to you in private?

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