Translation of "promise" - English-French dictionary


nounpromise /ˈprɒmɪs/
countable =assurance; a statement that you will definitely do sth
promesse feminine

I made a promise, so I'll do it.
J'ai fait une promesse, aussi le ferai-je.
break a promise
to not do what you said you would
trahir une promesse

He broke his promise to me.
Il a trahi la promesse qu'il m'avait faite.
keep a promise
to do what you said you would
tenir une promesse

He always keeps his promises.
Il tient toujours ses promesses.
uncountable potential to do well or be good in the future
promesse feminine

As a boy he showed promise as a pianist.
Petit garçon, il promettait comme pianiste.

full of promise
plein de promesses


verb transitive-intransitivepromise /ˈprɒmɪs/
to say you will definitely do sth

I promise to help you later.
Je promets de t'aider plus tard.

I promised her I would be there.
Je lui ai promis que je serais là.

Promise me (that) you'll never leave me.
Promets-moi que tu ne me quitteras jamais.
to show signs of becoming

This year's fair promises to be better than ever.
La foire de cette année promet d'être mieux que jamais.

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verb /ˈpromis/

to say, or give one’s word (that one will, or will not, do something etc)

promettre (de)
I promise (that) I won’t be late
I promise not to be late
I won’t be late, I promise (you)!

to say or give one’s assurance that one will give

He promised me a new dress.

to show signs of future events or developments

This situation promises well for the future.
promising adjective

showing promise; likely to be good

She’s a promising pianist
Her work is promising.



a sign of future success

She shows great promise in her work.

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