Translation of "protest" - English-French dictionary


nounprotest /ˈproʊtɛst/
countable-uncountable the expression of strong disagreement
protestation feminine

They left the meeting in protest at the decision.
Ils ont quitté la réunion en signe de protestation contre la décision.

complaints and protests from viewers
des réclamations et des protestations des téléspectateurs
countable an occasion when people go to a public place to express opposition
manifestation feminine

anti-war protests
des manifestations contre la guerre


verbprotest /prəˈtɛst, ˈproʊtɛst/
transitive-intransitive to express opposition to sth in public

thousands of people protesting (against) the war
des milliers de personnes manifestant contre la guerre
transitive to insist sth is true
affirmer , protester

"I'll never do it again," he protested.
"Je ne le ferai plus." affirma-t-il.

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verb /prəˈtest/

to express a strong objection

protester (contre)
They are protesting against the new law.

to state or declare definitely, especially in denying something

protester (de)
She protested that she was innocent.
protester noun


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