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nounrank /ræŋk/
countable-uncountable sb's position or level in relation to others in the same group
rang masculine , grade masculine

the rank of sergeant
le grade de sergent
ranks plural
a group of people with similar goals or characteristics
rangs masculine plural

an author who has joined the ranks of the great science fiction writers
un auteur qui a rejoint les rangs des grands auteurs de science fiction
break ranks
to state you do not agree with the group you are part of
rompre les rangs , se rebeller

a military chief who broke ranks to criticize the war
un chef militaire qui s'est rebellé en critiquant la guerre
close ranks
(of a group) to protect group members against people from outside the group
serrer les rangs

The party closed ranks and attacked the opposition.
Le parti a serré les rangs et a attaqué l'opposition.


verb transitive-intransitiverank /ræŋk/
to be or put in a particular position or level in relation to others

I ranked the movie 10 out of 15.
J'ai classé le film en dixième place sur 15.

He's ranked amongst the country's top 20 tennis players.
Il est classé parmi les 20 meilleurs joueurs de tennis du pays.

a restaurant that ranks high/low in my opinion
un restaurant que je tient en haute / peu d'estime

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noun /rӕŋk/

(in the army, navy etc) a person’s position of importance

He was promoted to the rank of sergeant/colonel.

a line or row (especially of soldiers or taxis)

rang(ée), file
There’s a taxi rank just outside the station.
The officer ordered the front rank to fire.

a social class

the lower social ranks.
the rank and file

ordinary people.

le peuple

ordinary soldiers, not officers.

les hommes de troupe


adjective /rӕŋk/

complete; absolute

rank stupidity
The race was won by a rank outsider.

unpleasantly stale and strong

a rank smell of tobacco.
rankness noun

odeur rance

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