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noun countableresource /ˈrisɔrs, -soʊrs, -zɔrs, -zoʊrs/
a natural supply of sth that is useful
ressource feminine

the country's coal resources
les ressources en charbon du pays
; see also natural resource
sth that gives useful information
ressource feminine , mine feminine

teaching resources
ressources pédagogiques

a great resource for financial information
une très bonne mine d'information financière
; see also human resources
plural the skills that you use to solve problems
ressources feminine plural

He lacks the inner resources to help himself.
Il lui manque les ressources personnelles pour se débrouiller.

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noun /rəˈzoːs, (American) ˈriːzoːrs/

(usually in plural ) something that gives help, support etc when needed; a supply; a means

We have used up all our resources
We haven’t the resources at this school for teaching handicapped children.

(usually in plural ) the wealth of a country, or the supply of materials etc which bring this wealth

This country is rich in natural resources.

the ability to find ways of solving difficulties

He is full of resource.
resourceful adjective

good at finding ways of solving difficulties, problems etc

a resourceful person.
resourcefully adverb

d’une manière ingénieuse
resourcefulness noun


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