Translation of "rest" - English-French dictionary


nounrest /rɛst/
countable-uncountable a period when you relax or sleep
repos masculine

I need a rest from work.
J'ai besoin de congés.

Are you getting enough rest?
Est-ce que tu te reposes assez ?
take/have a rest
se reposer

Why don't you take a rest.
Pourquoi ne te reposes-tu pas ?
the rest
the part that remains after sth has been taken away
le reste

I'll carry these inside. Could you bring the rest for me?
Je transporte ceux-là à l'intérieur. Pourriez-vous amener le reste pour moi ?

What should we do for the rest of the day?
Que devrions-nous faire pendant le reste de la journée ?
come to rest
to stop moving

The ball came to rest at her feet.
Le ballon s'arrêta à es pieds
lay/put sb's mind at rest
=reassure; to stop sb from worrying

The doctor's advice put my mind at rest.
L'avis du médecin m'a tranquillisé.


verbrest /rɛst/
intransitive to sleep or relax
se reposer

She's resting after her operation.
Elle se repose après son opération.

Let's rest here - there's a steep climb ahead.
Reposons-nous ici, une rude ascension nous attend.
transitive-intransitive to lean sth against sth, or to be leaning against sth

He rested his elbows on the desk.
Il appuya ses coudes sur le bureau.

a bike resting against the wall
un vélo s'appuyant contre le mur
transitive to not use sth in order to make it healthier
laisser au repos

You'll need to rest your ankle for a while.
Vous allez devoir laisser votre cheville au repos pendant quelque temps.

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noun /rest/

a (usually short) period of not working etc after, or between periods of, effort; (a period of) freedom from worries etc

Digging the garden is hard work – let’s stop for a rest
Let’s have/take a rest
I need a rest from all these problems – I’m going to take a week’s holiday.


He needs a good night’s rest.

something which holds or supports

a book-rest
a headrest on a car seat.

a state of not moving

(au) repos
The machine is at rest.
restful adjective

bringing rest

a restful holiday.

(of colours, music etc) causing a person to feel calm and relaxed

Some people find blue a restful colour
After a hard day’s work, I like to listen to some restful music.


tranquille, reposé
at rest: The patient seems more restful now.
restfully adverb

restfulness noun

restless adjective

always moving; showing signs of worry, boredom, impatience etc

a restless child
He’s been doing the same job for years now and he’s beginning to get restless.

during which a person does not sleep

a restless night.
restlessly adverb

restlessness noun

rest room noun

(American ) a toilet in a theatre, factory etc.

at rest

free from pain, worry etc.

come to rest

to stop moving

The ball came to rest under a tree.
lay to rest

to bury (someone) in a grave

porter en terre
She was laid to rest in the vault of St George’s Chapel.
let the matter rest

to stop discussing etc a matter.

en rester là
rest assured

to be certain

être assuré/certain que
You may rest assured that we will take your views into consideration.
set someone’s mind at rest

to take away a person’s worries about something

tranquilliser qqn
We set her mind at rest by promising to call her as soon as we arrived.



to sleep; to lie or sit quietly in order to get new strength or energy, or because one is tired

(se) reposer
Mother is resting at the moment.

to (make or allow to) lean, lie, sit, remain etc on or against something

(re)poser, (s’)appuyer (sur)
Her head rested on his shoulder
He rested his hand on her arm
Her gaze rested on the jewels.

to relax, be calm etc

être calme, tranquille
I will never rest until I know the murderer has been caught.

to (allow to) depend on

reposer sur
Our hopes now rest on him, since all else has failed.

(with with) (of a duty etc) to belong to

appartenir à
The choice rests with you.



what is left when part of something is taken away, finished etc

the rest of the meal.

all the other people, things etc

(nous/les) autres
Jack went home, but the rest of us went to the cinema.

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