Translation of "restore" - English-French dictionary


verb transitiverestore /rɪˈstɔr, -ˈstoʊr/
to bring a feeling or condition back
redonner , rétablir

He's restored my faith in the human race.
Il m'a redonné la foi dans la race humaine.

Her new relationship has restored her health.
Sa nouvelle relation a rétabli sa santé.
to make sb or sth return to its original state or condition
remettre d'aplomb

The vacation restored us.
Les vacances nous ont remis d'aplomb.
to clean and fix an object to return it to good condition

to restore paintings/furniture
restaurer des tableaux/meubles

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verb /rəˈstoː/

to repair (a building, a painting, a piece of furniture etc) so that it looks as it used to or ought to

The church is going to be restored.

to bring back to a normal or healthy state

The patient was soon restored to health.

to bring or give back

rétablir, rendre
to restore law and order
The police restored the stolen cars to their owners.

to bring or put (a person) back to a position, rank etc he once had

He was asked to resign, but was later restored to his former job as manager.
restoration /restə-/ noun

The building was closed for restoration(s).
restorer noun

a person or thing that restores

a furniture-restorer.

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