Translation of "row" - English-French dictionary


noun countablerow /roʊ/
a number of people or things arranged in a line
rang masculine , rangée feminine

a row of trees planted along the river
une rangée d'arbres plantés le long de la rivière
in a row/in rows
en rang/rangs

chairs arranged in rows
des chaises disposées en rangs
in a row
happening one after another
l'un/une derrière l'autre

There were three tornadoes in a row.
Il y avait trois plants de tomate l'un derrière l'autre.


verb transitive-intransitiverow /roʊ/
to move a boat using oars

They rowed across the lake.
Ils ont traversé le lac à la rame.


noun countable row /roʊ/ Brit
an argument in which you disagree with sb
dispute feminine

She had a row with her boyfriend.
Elle a eu une dispute avec son petit-ami.

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noun /rəu/

a line

two rows of houses
They were sitting in a row
They sat in the front row in the theatre.


verb /rəu/

to move (a boat) through the water using oars

He rowed (the dinghy) up the river.

to transport by rowing

faire traverser en canot
He rowed them across the lake.
rower noun

a person who rows; an oarsman

an Olympic rower.
rowing-boat noun ( row-boat)

a boat which is moved by oars.

canot à rames


noun /rau/

a noisy quarrel

They had a terrible row
a family row.

a continuous loud noise

They heard a row in the street.

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