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verbrun /rʌn/ ( running pt ran pp run )
intransitive to move forward more quickly than when you walk

We had to run to get there on time.
Nous avons dû courir pour arriver à temps.

kids running around at the playground
des enfants courant au terrain de jeu
run for it
spoken to run in order to escape
sauve-qui-peut (inv)

There's someone coming. Run for it!
Il y a quelqu'un qui arrive. Sauve-qui-peut !
transitive to be in charge of or manage
diriger , gérer

He runs his own business.
Il dirige sa propre entreprise.

I was asked to run a project at work.
On m'a demandé de gérer un projet au travail.
run sb's life
to organize everything sb does
diriger la vie de qqn

It's obvious his mother runs his life.
Il est évident que sa mère dirige sa vie.
intransitive (of a liquid) to flow

The river runs into the ocean.
Le fleuve se jette dans l'océan.

Tears ran down her cheeks.
Les larmes coulaient le long de ses joues.
transitive-intransitive to operate, or make a machine operate
(faire) fonctionner , (faire) marcher , (faire) tourner

I left my computer running all night.
J'ai laissé mon ordinateur marcher toute la nuit.

Run the washing machine once without clothes.
Faites tourner la machine à laver une fois à vide.
transitive-intransitive to work or make a computer program work
démarrer , (se) lancer

Run the program to extract the files.
Lancez le programme pour extraire les fichiers.

The program should run automatically.
Le programme doit démarrer / se lancer automatiquement.
intransitive (of a bus, train, etc.) to operate as a service

Does this bus run on the weekend?
Est-ce que ce bus circule le week-end ?
intransitive to compete in an election
être candidat/-ate , se présenter

She's running for President.
Elle est candidate / se présente à la présidence.
intransitive (of a play, theater production, etc.) to be shown or performed
être à l'affiche

a Broadway production that has been running for 20 years
une production de Broadway qui est à l'affiche depuis 20 ans
intransitive to be at a particular level

Unemployment is running at around 10%.
Le chômage atteint environ les 10%.
transitive to move sth over or through sth

She ran her fingers through her hair.
Elle passa ses doigts dans ses cheveux.
intransitive (of a road, long structure, etc.) to lead in a particular direction

a road that runs the length of the country
une route qui s'étend le long du pays
intransitive (of paint, dye, etc.) to spread where it should not
déteindre , couler

Oh no, my mascara is running.
Oh non, mon mascara coule.
run a red light
to drive a vehicle past a red traffic light
brûler , informal griller

He was stopped by the police for running a red light.
Il a été arrêté par la police pour avoir brûlé/grillé un feu rouge.
run low on
to have very little of a supply left
venir à manquer de

We're running low on orange juice.
Nous allons manquer de jus d'orange.
run in the/sb's family
to be a feature of the members of a family
être héréditaire

a medical condition that runs in our family
un état de santé qui nous est héréditaire
run late
to do sth at a later time than usual
être en retard

We were running late this morning.
Nous étions en retard ce matin.

run across

verb phrasalrun across /ˈrʌn əˈkrɔs, əˈkrɒs/
to meet or find by chance
tomber sur

I ran across some old pictures when I was cleaning.
Je suis tombé sur de vieilles photos quand je faisais le ménage.

run after

verb phrasalrun after /ˈrʌn ˌæftər, ˌɑftər/
to run in order to try to catch sb or sth
courir après

a dog running after birds on the beach
un chien courant après les oiseaux sur la plage

run around

verb phrasalrun around /ˈrʌn əˈraʊnd/
to be busy
courir dans tous les sens

I'm exhausted - I've been running around all day.
Je suis épuisé ; j'ai couru dans tous les sens toute la journée.

run away

verb phrasalrun away /ˈrʌn əˈweɪ/
to run in order to try to escape

The girl turned and ran away from me.
La fille fit demi-tour et s'enfuit loin de moi.

run by

verb phrasalrun by /ˈrʌn ˈbaɪ/
to tell sb your intentions to learn their opinion

Let me run a couple of ideas by you.
Laisse-moi te soumettre quelques idées.

run down

verb phrasalrun down /ˈrʌn ˈdaʊn/
to hit with a vehicle

A speeding car ran him down.
Une fois lancée à toute vitesse l'a renversé.
Brit criticize

You're always running him down.
Tu n'arrêtes pas de le critiquer.

run into

verb phrasalrun into /ˈrʌn ˌɪntu, ˌɪntə/
to meet by chance
tomber sur

They ran into a bear in the woods.
Ils sont tombés sur un ours dans les bois.
run into difficulties/trouble/problems etc.
to start having difficulties/trouble/problems etc.
rencontrer des difficultés/ennuis/problèmes

Their business had run into serious difficulties.
Leur affaire a rencontré de graves difficultés.

run on

verb phrasalrun on /ˈrʌn ˈɒn, ˈɔn/
to use a particular source of energy
fonctionner à , rouler à

a car that runs on diesel
une voiture qui roule au diesel

run out

verb phrasalrun out /ˈrʌn ˈaʊt/
to end, or have used all of
être à cours de , manquer de

I've run out of paper for the printer.
Je suis à cours de papier pour l'imprimante.

I think my luck has finally run out.
Je pense que ma chance m'a finalement abandonné.

run over

verb phrasalrun over /ˈrʌn ˈoʊvər/
to hit with a vehicle

He got run over by a bus.
Il s'est fait écraser par un bus.

run through

verb phrasalrun through /ˈrʌn ˈθru/
to practice
reprendre , répéter

Let's run through all the songs one last time.
Reprenons toutes les chansons une dernière fois.

run up

verb phrasalrun up /ˈrʌn ˈʌp/
to build up a debt

My husband ran up a huge bill on his cellphone.
Mon mari s'est fait facturer une énorme somme de téléphone cellulaire.

run up against

verb phrasalrun up against /ˈrʌn ˈʌp əˌgɛnst/
to be forced to deal with a problem or difficulty
se heurter à

We ran up against many legal restrictions in the building process.
Nous nous sommes heurtés à de nombreux contrôles juridiques pendant la construction.


nounrun /rʌn/
countable when sb runs
action feminine de courir , course feminine

I go for a short run every morning.
Je cours sur une courte distance chaque matin.
make a run for it
to start running to escape
se sauver

They grabbed the cash and made a run for it.
Ils ont saisi l'argent et se sont sauvés.
singulara series of the same thing
série feminine

a run of bad luck
une série de malchances
countable a point scored by running in baseball, cricket, etc.
point masculine

to score a run
marquer un point
singulara trip or journey
tour masculine

a short run to the coast
un petit tour sur la côte
in the long/short run
in the distant future/in the immediate future
à long/court terme

Not spending money now will be better for us in the long run.
Ne pas dépenser d'argent maintenant sera mieux pour nous sur le long terme.
on the run
hiding from the police after committing a crime
en cavale

After six months on the run she gave herself up.
Après six mois de cavale, elle s'est rendue.

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verb /ran/ (present participle running, past tense ran /rӕn/, past participle run)

(of a person or animal) to move quickly, faster than walking

He ran down the road.

to move smoothly

marcher, rouler
Trains run on rails.

(of water etc) to flow

Rivers run to the sea
The tap is running.

(of a machine etc) to work or operate

marcher, fonctionner
The engine is running
He ran the motor to see if it was working.

to organize or manage

He runs the business very efficiently.

to race


(of buses, trains etc) to travel regularly

assurer le service
The buses run every half hour
The train is running late.

to last or continue; to go on

tenir l’affiche
The play ran for six weeks.

to own and use, especially of cars

He runs a Rolls Royce.

(of colour) to spread

When I washed my new dress the colour ran.

to drive (someone); to give (someone) a lift

He ran me to the station.

to move (something)

She ran her fingers through his hair
He ran his eyes over the letter.

(in certain phrases) to be or become

The river ran dry
My blood ran cold (= I was afraid).
runner noun

a person who runs

There are five runners in this race.

the long narrow part on which a sledge etc moves

He polished the runners of the sledge
an ice-skate runner.

a long stem of a plant which puts down roots.

running adjective

of or for running

de course
running shoes.


commentaire suivi
a running commentary on the football match.
runny adjective

liquid; watery

(trop) liquide
Do you like your egg yolk firm or runny?
The baby has a runny nose.
runaway noun

a person, animal etc that runs away

The police caught the two runaways
(also adjective) a runaway horse.
run-down adjective

tired or exhausted because one has worked too hard

He feels run-down.
runner-up noun

a person, thing etc that is second in a race or competition

My friend won the prize and I was the runner-up.
runway noun

a wide path from which aircraft take off and on which they land

piste (d’envol/d’atterrissage)
The plane landed on the runway.
in/out of the running

having (no) chance of success

au pas; rompre le pas
She’s in the running for the job of director.
on the run

escaping; running away

en fuite
He’s on the run from the police.
run across

to meet

rencontrer qqn par hasard
I ran across an old friend.
run after

to chase

courir après
The dog ran after a cat.
run aground

(of a ship) to become stuck on rocks etc

The cruise ship ran aground on some rocks just outside the harbour.
run along

to go away

se sauver
Run along now, children!
run away

to escape

He ran away from school.

(with with) to steal

s’enfuir (avec)
He ran away with all her money.

(with with) to go too fast etc to be controlled by

The horse ran away with him.
run down

(of a clock, battery etc) to finish working

My watch has run down – it needs rewinding.

(of a vehicle or driver) to knock down

I was run down by a bus.

to speak badly of

He is always running me down.
run for

to stand for election for

se présenter à
He is running for president.
run for it

to try to escape

se sauver
Quick – run for it!
run in

to get (a new engine etc) working properly

In the old days cars needed running in.
run into

to meet

tomber sur
I ran into her in the street.

to crash into or collide with

rentrer dans
The car ran into a lamp-post.
run its course

to develop or happen in the usual way

suivre son cours
The fever ran its course.
run off

to print or copy

I want 500 copies run off at once.

(with with) to steal or take away

partir avec
He ran off with my wife.
run out

(of a supply) to come to an end

The food has run out.

(with of) to have no more

manquer de
We’ve run out of money.
run over

(of a vehicle or driver) to knock down or drive over

Don’t let the dog out of the garden or he’ll get run over.

to repeat for practice

Let’s run over the plan again.
run a temperature

to have a fever

avoir (de la fièvre)
She has a fever and is running a temperature.
run through

to look at, deal with etc, one after another

He ran through their instructions.
run to

to have enough money for

pouvoir se permettre (d’acheter)
We can’t run to a new car this year.
run up

to hoist (a flag)

They ran the flag up the pole.

to make quickly or roughly

I can run up a dress in a couple of hours.

to collect up, accumulate (debts)

laisser accumuler
He ran up an enormous bill.
run wild

to go out of control

faire le fou; retourner à l’état sauvage
They let their children run wild
The garden was running wild.



a trip or drive

We went for a run in the country.

a length of time (for which something continues)

He’s had a run of bad luck.

a ladder (in a stocking etc)

I’ve got a run in my tights.

the free use (of a place)

entière disposition
He gave me the run of his house.

in cricket, a batsman’s act of running from one end of the wicket to the other, representing a single score

He scored/made 50 runs for his team.

an enclosure or pen

a chicken-run.

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