Translation of "sail" - English-French dictionary


verbsail /seɪl/
intransitive (of a large sailboat or ship and its passengers) to travel or move over water
voyager en bateau

We sail from Miami to Nassau.
Nous avons voyagé de Miami à Nassau.

a ship sailing up the river
un bateau remontant la rivière
transitive-intransitive to control a sailboat as it moves over water
piloter , barrer

My father taught me to sail.
Mon père m'a appris à barrer.

He sails yachts.
Il pilote des yachts.
intransitive to start a trip on a large ship or sailboat
prendre la mer

We sail at 4 a.m. tomorrow.
Nous prenons la mer à 4 heures du matin demain.
intransitive to move quickly and smoothly
se déplacer avec fluidité

She came sailing into the room in a long red gown.
Elle est entrée dans la pièce d'un pas fluide dans une longue robe rouge.


noun countablesail /seɪl/
a piece of strong cloth attached to a sailboat to catch the wind
voile feminine

Take the sails down and lower the anchor.
Abaissez les voiles et mettez l'ancre à la mer.
a trip in a sailboat
tour masculine en bateau

We went for a sail.
Nous sommes allés faire un tour en bateau.

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noun /seil/

a sheet of strong cloth spread to catch the wind, by which a ship is driven forward

They are hoisting the sails.

a journey in a ship

voyage en bateau
a sail in his yacht
a week’s sail to the island.

an arm of a windmill.

sailboard noun

a windsurfer.

planche à voile
sailing noun

the activity or sport of navigating a ship or boat that has sails

navigation (à voile)
Sailing is one of his hobbies.

having a sail or sails

à voiles
sailor noun

a member of a ship’s crew whose job is helping to sail a ship.

in full sail

with all the sails spread

toutes voiles dehors
The ship was in full sail.



to steer or navigate a ship or boat

He sailed (the boat) to the island.

to go in a ship or boat (with or without sails)

I’ve never sailed through the Mediterranean.

to begin a voyage

prendre la mer
The ship sails today
My aunt sailed today.

to travel on (the sea etc) in a ship

He sailed the North Sea.

to move steadily and easily

Clouds sailed across the sky
He sailed through his exams
She sailed into the room.

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