Translation of "seize" - English-French dictionary


verb transitiveseize /siz/
=grab; to quickly and tightly get hold

I seized his arm.
Je lui ai saisi le bras.
to take advantage of an opportunity

He seized his chance, and told her his secret.
Il a saisi sa chance et lui a dit son secret.
to take control
s'emparer de

Pirates have seized a cruise ship in the Pacific ocean.
Des pirates se sont emparés d'un navire de croisière dans l'Océan Pacifique.

a rebel group that tried to seize power
un groupe rebelle qui a tenté de s'emparer du pouvoir
=confiscate; to officially take from sb

drugs seized by customs officers
la drogue saisie par les douaniers

seize on/upon

verb phrasalseize on/upon /ˈsiz ˌɒn, ˌɔn/əˌpɒn, əˌpɔn/
to quickly use for your advantage
se saisir de

Senate leaders seized upon the report to criticize the president.
Les dirigeants du Sénat se sont saisi du rapport pour critiquer le président.

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verb /siːz/

to take or grasp suddenly, especially by force

She seized the gun from him
He seized her by the arm
He seized the opportunity of leaving.

to take, especially by force or by law

The police seized the stolen property.
seizure /-ʒə/ noun

the act of seizing

the seizure of property.
seize on

to accept with enthusiasm

sauter sur
I suggested a cycling holiday, and he seized on the idea.
seize up

(of machinery etc) to get stuck and stop working

(se) bloquer
The car seized up yesterday.
seize is spelt with -ei- (not -ie-).

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