Translation of "shock" - English-French dictionary


nounshock /ʃɒk/
strong surprise when sth bad happens, or sth that causes this feeling
choc masculine , coup masculine

the shock of hearing about the car accident
le choc d'apprendre l'accident de voiture

It was such a shock to see how sick she was.
Ça a été un tel choc de voir à quel point elle était malade.

The court's decision came as a shock.
La décision du tribunal a causé un choc.
in shock
en état masculine de choc

The whole community was in shock.
Toute la communauté était en état de choc.
uncountable a medical condition in which your body stops reacting correctly after an injury or great shock
état masculine de choc

accident victims suffering from shock
les victimes d'accident souffrant d'un choc
in/into shock
en état de choc

He went into shock after arriving at the hospital.
Il est entré en état de choc après son arrivée à l'hôpital.
countable an electrical charge that goes into your body
décharge feminine électrique

She got a shock from the light switch.
Elle a reçu une décharge électrique en allumant/éteignant la lumière.


verb transitive-intransitiveshock /ʃɒk/
to surprise very much, often in a negative way

He uses bad language because he thinks it shocks people.
Il utilise un langage grossier parce qu'il pense que ça choque les gens.

We were shocked by the amount of poverty there.
Nous étions choqués par tant de pauvreté.

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noun /ʃok/

a severe emotional disturbance

The news gave us all a shock.

(often electric shock) the effect on the body of an electric current

He got a slight shock when he touched the live wire.

a sudden blow coming with great force

the shock of an earthquake.

a medical condition caused by a severe mental or physical shock

He was suffering from shock after the crash.
shocker noun

a very unpleasant person or thing

This headache is a real shocker.
shocking adjective

causing horror or dismay

shocking news.

very bad

a shocking cold.
shockingly adverb


shockingly expensive.

very badly

très mal
It was shockingly made.
shock absorber noun

a device (in a motor car etc) for reducing the effect of bumps.

amortisseur (de chocs)


noun /ʃok/

a bushy mass (of hair) on a person’s head.


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