Translation of "shower" - English-French dictionary


noun countableshower /ˈʃaʊər/
a bathroom device that sprays water under which you stand to wash yourself
douche feminine
take/have a shower
prendre une douche

He took a quick shower.
Il a pris une douche rapide.
a short period of light rain
averse feminine

Today will be cloudy with a few showers.
La journée d'aujourd'hui sera nuageuse avec quelques averses.
a lot of small things falling through the air
pluie feminine

a shower of confetti
une pluie de confettis


verb intransitiveshower /ˈʃaʊər/
to wash in a shower
prendre une douche

I'd like to shower before dinner.
J'aimerais prendre une douche avant le dîner.

shower with

verb phrasalshower with [ ˈʃaʊər ˌwɪθ, ˌwɪð ]
to give sb a lot of sth
combler de

a singer showered with gifts from her fans
un chanteur comblé de cadeaux par ses fans

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noun /ˈʃauə/

a short fall (of rain)

I got caught in a shower on my way here.

anything resembling such a fall of rain

pluie/déluge de
a shower of sparks
a shower of bullets.

a bath in which water is sprayed down on the bather from above

I’m just going to have/take a shower.

the equipment used for such a bath

We’re having a shower fitted in the bathroom.
showery adjective

raining from time to time

showery weather.
showerproof adjective

(of material, a coat etc) which will not be soaked by a light shower of rain.




to bathe in a shower

prendre une douche
He showered and dressed.

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