Translation of "sketch" - English-French dictionary


noun countablesketch /skɛtʃ/
a drawing made of simple lines
esquisse feminine , croquis masculine

a sketch of the mountain landscape
une esquisse / un croquis du paysage de montagne
a short funny performance that is one part of a show
sketch masculine

a comedy sketch
un sketch comique


verbsketch /skɛtʃ/
transitive-intransitive to make a drawing using simple lines
faire un croquis / une esquisse

He sketched the kids as they played.
Il a fait une esquisse des enfants alors qu'ils jouaient.

She sat on the beach sketching.
transitive ( sketch out,) to make a broad plan without being specific

We sketched out a few possible scenarios.
Nous avons esquissé quelques scénarios possibles.

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noun /sketʃ/

a rough plan, drawing or painting

croquis, esquisse
He made several sketches before starting the portrait.

a short (written or spoken) account without many details

The book began with a sketch of the author’s life.

a short play, dramatic scene etc

sketch, saynète
a comedy sketch.
sketchy adjective

incompletely done or carried out

a sketchy search.

slight or incomplete

a sketchy knowledge of French.
sketchily adverb

sketchiness noun

caractère incomplet
sketchbook noun

a book for drawing sketches in.

carnet de croquis/esquisses



to make rough drawings, paintings etc

faire des croquis/esquisses
She sketches as a hobby.

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