Translation of "soap" - English-French dictionary


nounsoap /soʊp/
countable-uncountable a substance used with water to wash sth
savon masculine

a bar of soap
une savonnette

wash your hands with soap and water.
lave-toi les mains au savon et à l'eau

laundry/dish soap
lessive / produit vaisselle
countable a soap opera
soap masculine , feuilleton masculine

my favorite soaps
mes feuilletons/soaps préférés

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noun /səup/

a mixture containing oils or fats and other substances, especially formed into small regularly-shaped pieces and used in washing

He found a bar of soap and began to wash his hands.
soapy adjective

covered with, or full of, soap

soapy water.

like soap

de savon
This chocolate has a soapy taste.
soapiness noun

caractère savonneux
soap opera

a radio or television serial broadcast weekly, daily etc, especially one that continues from year to year, that concerns the daily life, troubles etc of the characters in it

feuilleton sentimental
She was watching a soap opera on TV.

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