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noun countable-uncountablesoda /ˈsoʊdə/
a sweet bubbly drink, or a glass of this
soda masculine , boisson feminine gazeuse

a can of soda
une canette de soda

all-natural sodas
les sodas cent pour cent biologiques

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noun /ˈsəudə/

the name given to several substances formed with sodium, especially one (washing soda or sodium carbonate) in the form of crystals, used for washing, or one (baking soda or sodium bicarbonate) used in baking.

(bicarbonate de) soude


whisky and soda.

(American ) a drink made with flavoured soda-water and usually ice-cream.

soda à la crème glacée
soda-water noun

water through which the gas carbon dioxide has been passed, making it fizzy.

eau gazéifiée

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