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adjectivespare /spɛər/
extra and available to use if necessary
de rechange/secours , autre

a spare tire in the trunk of the car
un pneu de secours dans le coffre de la voiture

Do you have a spare pen I could borrow?
As-tu un autre stylo que je pourrais emprunter ?

I have no spare time at all this week.
Je n'ai pas du tout de temps libre cette semaine.


verb transitivespare /spɛər/
to give sth to sb when you have more than you need
mettre à la disposition , pouvoir se passer de

I have some paper I can spare.
J'ai du papier que je peux mettre à disposition.

Can you spare anyone to help us out?
Pouvez-vous vous passer de quelqu'un qui pourrait nous donner un coup de main.
to save from having to suffer

She was spared the embarrassment of having to apologize.
On lui a épargné l'embarras de devoir s'excuser.
spare sb's life
to not kill sb
épargner la vie de qqn

She begged them to spare her father's life.
Elle les a suppliés d'épargner la vie de son père.
spare no effort/expense etc.
to make a big effort, spend a lot of money, etc.
ne pas ménager les efforts/frais etc.

He spared no expense on the wedding.
Il n'a pas ménagé les frais pour le mariage.
to spare
left over, extra
disponible , qui reste

I have twenty minutes to spare, so let's get some coffee.
J'ai vingt minutes devant moi, alors prenons un café.

I bought two pairs of jeans and still had money to spare.
J'ai acheté deux jeans et il me restait encore de l'argent


noun countablespare /spɛər/
an extra of sth that you can use if necessary
de rechange

The batteries are dead, and I don't have any spares.
Les piles sont mortes et je n'en ai pas de rechange.

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verb /speə/

to manage without

se passer de
No-one can be spared from this office.

to afford or set aside for a purpose

réserver à
I can’t spare the time for a holiday.

to treat with mercy; to avoid injuring etc

épargner qqn
‘Spare us!’ they begged.

to avoid causing grief, trouble etc to (a person)

Break the news gently in order to spare her as much as possible.

to avoid using, spending etc

He spared no expense in his desire to help us.

to avoid troubling (a person with something); to save (a person trouble etc)

épargner (qqch. à qqn)
I answered the letter myself in order to spare you the bother.
sparing adjective

careful or economical

Try to be sparing with the saffron as it is a very expensive ingredient.
sparingly adverb

spare part

a part for a machine etc, used to replace an identical part if it breaks etc.

pièce de rechange
spare rib

a rib of pork with only a small amount of meat left on it.

côte levée
(and) to spare

in greater supply or quantity than is needed; extra

de reste, de trop
I’ll go to an exhibition if I have time to spare
I have enough food and to spare.



(of time etc) free for leisure etc

What do you do in your spare time?



an extra wheel etc, kept for emergencies.

roue de secours

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