Translation of "spread" - English-French dictionary


verbspread /sprɛd/ ( pt pp spread )
transitive-intransitive to affect or cause to affect more people, a larger area, etc.
(s')étendre , (se) propager , transmettre

The fire spread rapidly.
Le feu s'est propagé rapidement.

insects that spread the virus to humans
les insectes qui ont transmis le virus aux humains

Fear began to spread throughout Europe.
La peur a commencé à s'étendre à toute l'Europe.

She's spreading rumors again.
Elle propage à nouveau des rumeurs.
transitive-intransitive to exist or be present across a large area, or to cause to exist or be present
répandre , répartir

Free health clinics are spread across the country.
Des centres médico-sociaux gratuits sont répartis dans tout le pays.

Bees spread the pollen among the flowers.
Les abeilles répandent le pollen parmi les fleurs.
transitive to push a soft substance across a surface to create a thin layer

Spread some butter on the toast.
Etale du beurre sur la tartine grillée.
intransitive (of a soft substance) to be able to be pushed across a surface in a thin layer

The glue spreads easily.
La colle s'étale facilement.
transitive to unfold and make flat

She spread the tablecloth over the table.
Elle a étendu/mis la nappe sur la table.
transitive to open your arms or legs wide
ouvrir grand

She spread her arms to hug them.
Elle a ouvert grand les bras pour les étreindre.

spread out

verb phrasalspread out [ ˈsprɛd ˈaʊt ]
(of many things or people) to move to cover a larger area
se disperser , se déployer

OK spread out everyone, and start searching.
Ok deployons-nous tous et mettons-nous à chercher.
to unfold sth and make it flat

Spread out the newspapers.
Etalez les journaux.

spread over

verb phrasalspread over [ ˈsprɛd ˈoʊvər ]
to divide sth to be done at several points throughout a period

I chose to spread the payments over two years.
J'ai choisi d'étaler les paiements sur deux ans.


nounspread /sprɛd/
singular the fact that sth continues to affect more people, a larger area, etc.
propagation feminine , progression feminine

the spread of the disease
la propagation de la maladie

attempts to slow the spread of violence
des tentatives pour ralentir la progression de la violence
singular a wide range
festin masculine

an impressive spread of food on the table
un impressionnant festin sur la table
countable-uncountable a soft food that can be spread
pâte feminine à tartiner

a butter-like spread
une pâte à tartiner qui ressemble au beurre

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verb /spred/ (past tense, past participle spread)

to (cause to) go (often more widely or more thinly) over a surface

She spread honey thickly on her toast.

to cover (a surface with something)

She spread the bread with jam.

to (cause to) reach a wider area, affect a larger number of people etc

se répandre
The news spread through the village very quickly.

to distribute over a wide area, period of time etc

étaler sur
The exams were spread over a period of ten days.

to open out

étaler sur
He spread the map on the table.
spread out

to extend or stretch out

s’étendre (sur)
The fields spread out in front of him.

to distribute over a wide area or period of time

étaler (sur)
She spread the leaflets out on the table.

to scatter and go in different directions, in order to cover a wider area

They spread out and began to search the entire area.



something to be spread on bread etc

pâte (à tartiner)
Have some chicken spread.

the space or time covered (by something) or the extent of spreading

a spread of several miles.

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