Translation of "stage" - English-French dictionary


nounstage /steɪdʒ/
countable one of the parts that a process is divided into
stade masculine , étape feminine , phase feminine

in the early stages of the disease
aux premiers stades de la maladie

the first/second/third stage of the bicycle race
la première/deuxième/troisième étape de la course cycliste

The new hotel will open in stages.
Le nouvel hôtel ouvrira par étapes.
countable the raised area where actors, musicians, etc. perform
scène feminine

The band was not on stage yet.
L'orchestre n'était pas encore sur la scène.

A second comedian took the stage.
Un second comédien entra en scène.
the stage
singular the art form of theater and drama
le théâtre

He has written his second work for the stage.
Il a écrit sa deuxième œuvre pour le théâtre.


verb transitivestage /steɪdʒ/
to organize a public event

Opposition leaders staged a protest march.
Les dirigeants de l'opposition ont organisé une manifestation.

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noun /steidʒ/

a raised platform especially for performing or acting on, eg in a theatre.

staging noun

wooden planks etc forming a platform.

(plate-forme d’)échafaudage

the way in which a play etc is presented on a stage

mise en scène
The staging was good, but the acting poor.
stage direction

an order to an actor playing a part to do this or that

indication scénique
a stage direction to enter from the left.
stage fright

the nervousness felt by an actor etc when in front of an audience, especially for the first time

The young actress was suffering from stage fright and could not utter a word.
stagehand noun

a workman employed to help with scenery etc.

stage manager

a person who is in charge of scenery and equipment for plays etc.

stagestruck adjective

fascinated with the theatre or having a great desire to become an actor/actress

passion pour le théâtre
She had been stagestruck from a very early age.



to organize (an event etc)

The protesters are planning to stage a demonstration.


noun /steidʒ/

a period or step in the development of something

The plan is in its early stages
At this stage, we don’t know how many survivors there are.

part of a journey

The first stage of our journey will be the flight to Singapore.

a section of a bus route.


a section of a rocket.

stagecoach noun

a closed vehicle pulled by horses that travelled in former times along a regular route and carried passengers and mail.


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