Translation of "stagger" - English-French dictionary


verbstagger /ˈstægər/
intransitive to walk as if you might fall
chanceler , tituber

The injured man staggered away.
L'homme blessé s'éloigna d'un pas chancelant.
transitive to divide a process into parts that do not all begin or happen at the same time

The government staggered the payments over a three-week period.
Le gouvernement a échelonné les paiements sur une période de trois semaines.
transitive (usually passive) to shock
stupéfier , atterrrer

We were staggered by the poverty we saw.
Nous avons été atterrés par la misère dont nous avons été témoins.

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verb /ˈstӕɡə/

to sway, move or walk unsteadily

The drunk man staggered along the road.

to astonish

I was staggered to hear he had died.

to arrange (people’s hours of work, holidays etc) so that they do not begin and end at the same times

The interviews have been staggered throughout the course of the afternoon.
staggering adjective

causing unsteadiness, shock or astonishment

a staggering blow on the side of the head
That piece of news is staggering.

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