Translation of "stake" - English-French dictionary


nounstake /steɪk/
countable sb's involvement or interest
intérêt masculine

People feel they have a stake in the political process.
Les gens sentent qu'il ont un intérêt dans le processus politique.
countable an amount of money invested
participation feminine

They bought a small stake in the company.
Ils ont pris une faible participation dans la société.
plural what might be gained or lost in a competitive or risky situation
enjeux masculine plural

The stakes are high in the peace negotiations.
Les enjeux sont élevés dans les négociations de paix.

The dictator has raised the stakes in his argument with the U.S.
Le dictateur a fait monter les enjeux dans sa discussion avec les USA.
countable a wooden pole with a sharp end
piquet masculine

Four stakes marked the corners of the property.
Quatre piquets marquaient les angles de la propriété.
at stake
what could be lost in a competitive or risky situation
en jeu

There is a lot of money at stake in this deal.
Il y abeaucoup d'argent en jeu dans ce contrat.


verb transitivestake /steɪk/
to risk losing sth by trying sth
risquer , miser

I staked my reputation on this idea.
J'ai risqué ma réputation sur cette idée.

stake out

verb phrasalstake out [ ˈsteɪk ˈaʊt ]
to state a belief clearly

candidates staking out their positions
des candidats revendiquant leurs positions
to secretly watch a place for criminal activity

Police staked out the hospital to see if he would return.
Les policiers ont surveillé l'hôpital pour voir s'il reviendrait.

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noun /steik/

a strong stick or post, especially a pointed one used as a support or as part of a fence.



noun /steik/

a sum of money risked in betting

He and his friends enjoy playing cards for high stakes.
at stake

to be won or lost

en jeu
A great deal of money is at stake.

in great danger

en jeu
The peace of the country / Our children’s future is at stake.

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