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noun countablestep /stɛp/
a single movement of the foot when you walk
pas masculine

She took a step toward the door.
Elle fit un pas en direction de la porte.
an action designed to achieve sth
mesure feminine

Steps have been taken to improve security.
Des mesures ont été prises pour améliorer la sécurité.
a stage in a process
étape feminine

What was step 5 again?
Quelle était l'étape 5 déjà ?

It's important to approach this challenge one step at a time.
Il est important d'aborder ce problème étape par étape.
=stair; one of the flat parts of a staircase that you put your foot on
marche feminine

two hundred steps to the top of the tower
deux cents marches jusqu'au sommet de la tour
a flight of steps
a set of steps
une volée de marches

the first flight of steps
la première volée de marches
in/out of step
to agree or progress at the same speed, or not to agree or progress at the same speed
en phase / déphasé/-ée

a government that is out of step with the public
un gouvernement qui est déphasé par rapport au public


verb intransitivestep /stɛp/ ( stepping, stepped )
to move each of your feet in turn as you walk

They stepped over the broken glass.
Ils ont marché sur le verre brisé.

Be careful not to step in the mud.
Faites attention de ne pas marcher dans la boue.

She stepped backward and fell.
Elle recula et tomba.

step in

verb phrasalstep in [ ˈstɛp ˈɪn ]
to get involved in order to improve a bad situation

Mike had to step in and calm them both down.
Mike a dû intervenir pour les calmer.


prefixstep- /stɛp-/
indicates sb who is related to you because one of your parents has remarried
beau/belle- , demi-

his two step-sisters/brothers
ses deux demi-sœurs/frères

my step-father/mother
mon beau-père / ma belle-mère

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noun /step/

one movement of the foot in walking, running, dancing etc

He took a step forward
walking with hurried steps.

the distance covered by this

He moved a step or two nearer
The restaurant is only a step (= a short distance) away.

the sound made by someone walking etc

I heard (foot) steps.

a particular movement with the feet, eg in dancing

The dance has some complicated steps.

a flat surface, or one flat surface in a series, eg on a stair or stepladder, on which to place the feet or foot in moving up or down

A flight of steps led down to the cellar
Mind the step!
She was sitting on the doorstep.

a stage in progress, development etc

Mankind made a big step forward with the invention of the wheel
His present job is a step up from his previous one.

an action or move (towards accomplishing an aim etc)

That would be a foolish/sensible step to take
I shall take steps to prevent this happening again.
steps noun plural

a stepladder

May I borrow your steps?
stepladder noun

a ladder with a hinged support at the back and flat steps, not rungs.

stepping-stones noun plural

large stones placed in a shallow stream etc, on which a person can step when crossing.

pierre de gué
in/out of step

(of two or more people walking together) with, without the same foot going forward at the same time

(ne pas/être) dans les jambes de qqn
to march in step
Keep in step!
He got out of step.
step aside

to move to one side

He stepped aside to let me pass.
step by step


pas à pas
He improved step by step.
step in

to intervene

The children began to quarrel, and I thought it was time I stepped in.
step out

to walk with a long(er) and (more) energetic stride.

allonger le pas
step up

to increase

The firm must step up production.
watch one’s step

to be careful, especially over one’s own behaviour

prendre garde
You’d better watch your step when the boss is in the office.



showing a relationship not by blood but by another marriage.

beau/belle; demi-
stepfather nouns ( stepmother)

the husband, who is not the person’s father, of a person’s own mother, or the wife, who is not the person’s mother, of a person’s own father.

beau-père; belle-mère
stepsister nouns ( stepbrother)

a daughter or son of a person’s step-father or step-mother.

stepson nouns ( stepdaughter, stepchild)

a son or daughter from another marriage of a person’s wife or husband.

beau-fils; belle-fille

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