Translation of "strain" - English-French dictionary


nounstrain /streɪn/
countable-uncountable stress or problems caused by too much work or worry
tension feminine , pression feminine , surmenage masculine

the strain of working two jobs to feed her family
le surmenage dû au fait d'exercer deux emplois pour nourrir sa famille

soldiers under strain
des soldats sous pression

High demand puts a strain on the electricity supply.
Des sollicitations élevées mettent l'alimentation électrique sous tension.
countable a painful muscle that has been pulled or twisted
muscle masculine froissé , foulure feminine

a shoulder strain
une épaule froissée
uncountable physical stress or injury
effet masculine néfaste , dégâts masculine plural

the strain on your eyes from staring at a computer
les dégâts sur la vue, dus au fait de fixer l'ordinateur
countable in science, a type of sth
animal: race feminine , plant: variété feminine

A new strain of the fungus is affecting crops.
Une nouvelle variété de champignon touchant les récoltes.


verbstrain /streɪn/
transitive to twist or pull a muscle
froisser , fouler

I strained my wrist.
Je me suis foulé le poignet.
to make sb or sth have stress or problems
créer des tensions , éprouver

My father's illness strained relationships within the family.
La maladie de mon père a envenimé les relations au sein de la famille.

expensive medical bills that strain the finances
des dépenses médicales élevées qui éprouvent les finances
intransitive to use a lot of physical effort to do sth
s'efforcer , s'échiner

He strained to reach the rope as it slid away.
Il s'efforçait d'atteindre la corde tandis qu'elle lui échappait en glissant.
transitive to separate the solid pieces from a liquid

Strain the lumps from the sauce.
Retirez les morceaux de la sauce.

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verb /strein/

to exert oneself or a part of the body to the greatest possible extent

tendre fortement
They strained at the door, trying to pull it open
He strained to reach the rope.

to injure (a muscle etc) through too much use, exertion etc

He has strained a muscle in his leg
You’ll strain your eyes by reading in such a poor light.

to force or stretch (too far)

pousser à bout
The constant interruptions were straining his patience.

to put (eg a mixture) through a sieve etc in order to separate solid matter from liquid

passer, filtrer
She strained the soup.
strained adjective

(of a person’s manner, behaviour etc) not natural, easy or relaxed

a strained smile.
strainer noun

a sieve or other utensil for separating solids from liquids

a coffee-/tea-strainer.
strain off

to remove (liquid) from eg vegetables by using a sieve etc

When the potatoes were cooked, she strained off the water.



(something, eg too much work etc, that causes) a state of anxiety and fatigue

tension (nerveuse)
The strain of nursing her dying husband was too much for her
to suffer from strain.

(an) injury especially to a muscle caused by too much exertion

entorse, foulure
muscular strain.

too great a demand

These constant delays are a strain on our patience.


noun /strein/

a kind or breed (of animals, plants etc)

a new strain of cattle.

a tendency in a person’s character

prédisposition à
I’m sure there’s a strain of madness in her.

(often in plural) (the sound of) a tune

accords, accents
I heard the strains of a hymn coming from the church.

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