Translation of "strip" - English-French dictionary


verbstrip /strɪp/ ( stripping, stripped )
transitive-intransitive to take your clothes off
se déshabiller

The guards told him to strip.
Les gardes lui ont dit de se déshabiller.

He stripped his clothes off.
Il enleva ses vêtements.
transitive ( strip away/off,) to pull the top layer off of sth
enlever , arracher

The beaver strips the bark from the tree.
Le castor arrache l'écorce de l'arbre.

First strip the old paint.
Enlève d'abord l'ancienne peinture.
transitive to remove or steal everything from inside sth
dépouiller de , vider de

Thieves stripped the museum of its WWII artifacts.
Les voleurs ont dépouillé le musée de ses objets datant de la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

We stripped the kitchen and started again.
Nous avons vidé la cuisine et nous sommes repartis.
transitive to take away a right, privilege, or responsibility
dépouiller de

citizens stripped of their civil rights
des citoyens privés de leurs droits civiques

They stripped her of her official title.
Elle a été dépouillée de son titre officiel.


noun countablestrip /strɪp/
a long, narrow, flat piece of sth
bande feminine

strips of colored paper
des bandes de papier coloré
a long narrow area of land, water, etc.
bande feminine , langue feminine

an empty strip of beach
une bande de plage déserte
a street with many stores or businesses on it
strip masculine

the Las Vegas strip
le Las Vegas Strip
; see also comic strip

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verb /strip/ (past tense, past participle stripped)

to remove the covering from something

He stripped the old varnish off the wall
He stripped the branch (of its bark) with his knife.

to undress

(se) déshabiller
She stripped the child (naked) and put him in the bath
He stripped and dived into the water
They were told to strip to the waist.

to remove the contents of (a house etc)

The house/room was stripped bare / stripped of its furnishings
They stripped the house of all its furnishings.

to deprive (a person) of something

The officer was stripped of his rank for misconduct.
strip cartoon

a row of drawings, eg in a newspaper or comic paper, telling a story.

bande dessinée
strip-lighting noun

lighting by long tubes rather than bulbs.

éclairage fluorescent
striptease noun

the act, by a woman, of removing her clothes one by one as a theatrical entertainment.

strip off

to remove clothes or a covering from a thing or person

He stripped (his clothes) off and had a shower
The doctor stripped his bandage off.



a strip cartoon.

bande dessinée

a footballer’s shirt, shorts, socks etc

The team has a red and white strip.

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