Translation of "stunt" - English-French dictionary


noun countablestunt /stʌnt/
a complicated physical trick
cascade feminine , acrobatie feminine

kids doing stunts on skateboards
des enfants faisant des cascades sur des skateboards
an action done to attract attention
coup masculine

a publicity stunt
un coup de pub

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verb /stant/

to prevent or check the full growth or development of

arrêter la croissance de qqn, qqch.
It is thought that smoking by a pregnant mother may stunt the baby’s growth.
stunted adjective

not well grown

a stunted tree.


noun /stant/

something (daring or spectacular) done to attract attention etc

One of his stunts was to cross the Niagara Falls blindfolded on a tight rope.
stuntman /-mӕn/ noun

a person who takes the place of an actor in film sequences involving eg athletic skill and danger.


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