Translation of "subscribe" - English-French dictionary


verb intransitivesubscribe /səbˈskraɪb/
to pay to receive a publication or service
s'abonner , être abonné/-ée

She subscribes to several magazines.
Elle est abonnée à plusieurs revues.
≠unsubscribe; to become a member of an online or email group

professionals who subscribe to our service
les professionnels qui s'abonnent à notre service


noun countablesubscriber /səbˈskraɪbər/
abonné/-ée masculine-feminine

magazine subscribers
abonnés de revue

subscribers to the cable service
abonnés au service du câble

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verb /səbˈskraib/

(with to) to promise to receive and pay for a series of issues of (a magazine etc)

souscrire à, s’abonner
I’ve been subscribing to that magazine for four years.

to give money, with other people, to a charity or other cause

He subscribes to a lot of charities
We each subscribed $1 towards the present.
subscriber noun

a person who subscribes to a charity or a magazine etc.

souscripteur, trice, abonné/-ée
subscription /səbˈskripʃən/ noun

the act of subscribing.


a sum of money that is subscribed eg for receiving a magazine, for a membership of a club etc

a magazine subscription.

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