Translation of "suit" - English-French dictionary


noun countablesuit /sut/
a matching two-part outfit, usually pants or a skirt and a jacket
man: costume masculine , woman: tailleur masculine

a beautiful black suit
un superbe costume/tailleur noir
clothing worn for an activity
tenue feminine

a diving suit
une combinaison de plongée
a lawsuit
procès masculine

to bring a suit against sb
intenter un procès à quelqu'un
one of the four types of playing card
couleur feminine

There are four suits; hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds.
Il y a quatre couleurs : les cœurs, les trèfles, les pics et les carreaux.


verb transitivesuit /sut/
to make sb look attractive
bien aller à qqn

Red really suits you.
Le rouge te va vraiment bien.
to be convenient or useful

Would a morning appointment suit you?
Est-ce qu'un rendez-vous le matin vous conviendrait ?

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noun /suːt/

a set of clothes usually all of the same cloth etc, made to be worn together, eg a jacket, trousers (and waistcoat) for a man, or a jacket and skirt or trousers for a woman.

costume, tailleur
a tailored suit.

a piece of clothing for a particular purpose

a bathing suit / diving suit.

a case in a law court

He won/lost his suit.

an old word for a formal request, eg a proposal of marriage to a lady.

demande en mariage

one of the four sets of playing-cards – spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs.

suited adjective

(negative unsuited) fitted, or appropriate (to or for)

fait pour
I don’t think he’s suited to/for this work.
suitor noun

an old word for a man who tries to gain the love of a woman

She had a number of suitors vying for her attention.
suitcase noun

a case with flat sides for clothes etc, used by a person when travelling

He hastily packed his (clothes in his) suitcase.
follow suit

to do just as someone else has done

faire de même
He went to bed and I followed suit.
suit down to the ground

(of eg an arrangement, fashion etc) to suit (a person) completely

aller comme un gant (à)
The dress suits her down to the ground.
suit oneself

to do what one wants to do

faire à son gré
’Do you want to come with us to the beach?’ ’No, thanks.’ ’Oh well, suit yourself!’



(of clothes, styles, fashions etc) to be right or appropriate for

aller bien (à)
Long hair suits her
That dress doen’t suit her.

to adjust or make appropriate or suitable

adapter (à)
He suited his speech to his audience.

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