Translation of "supply" - English-French dictionary


nounsupply /səˈplaɪ/ ( plural supplies )
countable an amount of sth that can be used
stock masculine , réserves feminine plural

a steady supply of gasoline
une alimentation régulière en essence FRE je n'arrive pas à traduire supply dans ce 1er sens

Supplies of water are running out.
Les réserves d'eau s'épuisent.
uncountable the act or process of supplying sth
alimentation feminine , approvisionnement masculine

the supply of electricity to major northeastern cities
l'alimentation en électricité des principales villes du nord-est
in short supply
=scarce; not easy to obtain or find

Specialist teachers are in short supply.
Les enseignants spécialisés sont rares.


verb transitivesupply /səˈplaɪ/ ( supplies, supplied )
to provide things for people

a company that supplies natural gas to the region
une entreprise qui fournit le gaz naturel dans cette région

We supply schools with art and craft materials.
Nous fournissons aux écoles les matériaux pour les travaux manuels.

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verb /səˈplai/

to give or provide

fournir, approvisionner
Who is supplying the rebels with guns and ammunition?
Extra paper will be supplied by the teacher if it is needed
The town is supplied with water from a reservoir in the hills
The shop was unable to supply what she wanted.
be in short supply

(of goods etc) to be scarce

être en quantité réduite
Bread is in short supply.



(often in plural) an amount or quantity that is supplied; a stock or store

approvisionnement, stocks
She left a supply of food for her husband when she went away for a few days
Who will be responsible for the expedition’s supplies?
Fresh supplies will be arriving soon.

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