Translation of "swallow" - English-French dictionary


verb transitive-intransitiveswallow /ˈswɒloʊ/
to cause food to go down your throat, or make your throat move in this way

She swallowed the mouthful of rice.
Elle avala la bouchée de riz.

It hurts when I swallow.
Ça me fait mal quand j'avale.
hard/difficult to swallow
difficult to accept or believe
fam difficile à avaler

Not getting the promotion was hard to swallow.
Ne pas avoir cette promotion a été difficile à avaler.
swallow your pride
to do sth even though it embarrasses you
ravaler sa fierté

I knew I'd have to swallow my pride and apologize.
Je savais que je devrais ravaler ma fierté et m'excuser.


noun countableswallow /ˈswɒloʊ/
a small bird with a tail in the shape of a 'V'
hirondelle feminine
an act of swallowing
déglutition feminine

a painful swallow
une déglutition douloureuse

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verb /ˈswoləu/

to allow to pass down the throat to the stomach

Try to swallow the pill
His throat was so painful that he could hardly swallow.

to accept (eg a lie or insult) without question or protest

You’ll never get her to swallow that story!
swallow one’s pride

to behave humbly eg by making an apology

ravaler son amour-propre
She managed to swallow her pride and say sorry.
swallow up

to cause to disappear completely

She was swallowed up in the crowd.


noun /ˈswoləu/

a type of insect-eating bird with long wings and a divided tail.


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