Translation of "tap" - English-French dictionary


verbtap /tæp/ ( tapping, tapped )
to touch or knock sth with light, short hits
taper , tapoter

Someone was tapping at the window.
Quelqu'un tapait à la fenêtre.

He tapped her on the shoulder.
Il tapa sur son épaule.
transitive ( tap into ) to use or take from a supply of sth

The company plans to tap a younger market to increase sales.
Les projets de l'entreprise pour exploiter un marché plus jeune afin d'augmenter ses ventes.
=bug; to secretly listen to sb's telephone conversation using an electronic device
mettre sur écoute [Il suspectait que ses appels étaient sous écoute.]

He suspected his calls were being tapped.
Il suspectait que ses appels étaient sur écoute.


noun countabletap /tæp/
a short light knock or touch
petit coup masculine , petite tape feminine

She gave the nail a last tap with the hammer.
Elle donna au clou un dernier petit coup avec le marteau.
a device that controls the flow of liquid from a pipe
robinet masculine

beer flowing from the open tap
coulant du robinet ouvert
Brit a faucet
robinet masculine
on tap
freely available
à disposition

information on tap via the Internet
des informations à disposition sur Internet

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noun /tӕp/

a quick touch or light knock or blow

petit coup
I heard a tap at the door.
tap dancing noun

a type of dancing performed with special shoes that make a tapping noise.

tap dancer noun

danseur/-euse à claquettes


noun /tӕp/

(American faucet) any of several types of device (usually with a handle and valve that can be shut or opened) for controlling the flow of liquid or gas from a pipe, barrel etc

Turn the tap off/on!


verb (past tense, past participle tapped)

to attach a device to (someone’s telephone wires) in order to be able to listen to his telephone conversations

mettre sur écoute
My phone was being tapped.

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