Translation of "tip" - English-French dictionary


nountip /tɪp/
a piece of information about how to do sth or what will happen
conseil masculine , informal tuyau masculine

She gave us tips on caring for our skin.
Elle nous a donné des conseils sur la façon de prendre soin de notre peau.

a tip for betting on the race
un tuyau pour parier dans cette course
money you give sb who provides a service, in addition to payment for the service
pourboire masculine

to leave a 20% tip
laisser 20% de pourboire
the small, pointed end of a long object
pointe feminine , bout masculine

the tip of my finger
le bout de mon doigt
Brit a dump
décharge feminine
Brit singular a very untidy place
dépotoir masculine

Your bedroom is a tip.
Ta chambre est un dépotoir.


verbtip /tɪp/ ( tipping, tipped )
to move or make move into a slanting position
pencher , incliner

Tip your head back.
Penchez/inclinez la tête en arrière.

The shelves were tipping forwards.
Les étagères penchaient vers l'avant.
transitive-intransitive to give a tip to sb who provides a service
donner un pourboire

She tips very generously.
Elle donne de généreux pourboires.

How much should I tip the waiter?
Quel pouboire dois-je donner au serveur ?
transitive to pour sth somewhere

Tip the water into the bowl.
Verse l'eau dans le bol.
transitive to say that sb is likely to get a job, win sth, etc.

an actress who is tipped to be in the leading role
une actrice qui est pressentie pour le rôle principal

tip off

verb phrasaltip off [ ˈtɪp ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
to tell or warn sb about sth secret
prévenir , informal tuyauter

Someone tipped off reporters about the celebrity wedding.
Quelqu'un a prévenu les journalistes du mariage de la célébrité.

tip over

verb phrasaltip over [ ˈtɪp ˈoʊvər ]
to fall or make fall
(se) renverser

The box tipped over and cereal spilled everywhere.
La boîte s'est renversée et les céréales se sont répandues partout.

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noun /tip/

the small or thin end, point or top of something

bout, pointe
the tips of my fingers.
tipped adjective

having a tip of a particular kind

à bout (…)
filter-tipped cigarettes
a white-tipped tail.
tip-top adjective


The horse is in tip-top condition.
be on the tip of one’s tongue

to be almost, but usually not, spoken or said

être sur le bout de la langue
Her name is on the tip of my tongue (= I can’t quite remember it)
It was on the tip of my tongue to tell him (= I almost told him).


verb /tip/ (past tense, past participle tipped)

to (make something) slant

(faire) pencher
The boat tipped to one side.

to empty (something) from a container, or remove (something) from a surface, with this kind of motion

He tipped the water out of the bucket.

to dump (rubbish)

People have been tipping their rubbish in this field.
tip over

to knock or fall over; to overturn

(faire) basculer
He tipped the lamp over
She put the jug on the end of the table and it tipped over.


noun /tip/

a gift of money given to a waiter etc, for personal service

I gave him a generous tip.


noun /tip/

a piece of useful information; a hint

conseil, tuyau
He gave me some good tips on/about gardening.
tip off (tip-off)

prévenir/avertir de; (n.) avertissement

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