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verbtread /trɛd/ ( pt trod pp trodden )
transitive-intransitive Brit to put your foot down on sth
marcher sur , mettre les pieds sur , écraser

Be careful where you tread.
Faites attention à là où vous mettez les pieds.

The kids trod on all the flowers.
Les enfants ont écrasé toutes les fleurs.
tread carefully/cautiously, etc.
to take great care, especially so as not to upset sb
être très prudent , informal marcher sur des œufs

We tread very carefully when it comes to talking about her marriage.
Nous avons été très prudents quand nous en sommes venus à parler de son mariage.
tread water
to move your arms and legs around to make yourself stay afloat in water
faire du sur-place

new swimmers learning how to tread water
des apprentis-nageurs apprenant à faire du sur-place

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verb /tred/ (past tense trod /trod/, past participle trodden /ˈtrodn/)

to place one’s feet on

marcher (sur)
He threw his cigarette on the ground and trod on it.

to walk on, along, over etc

He trod the streets looking for a job.

to crush by putting one’s feet on

écraser du pied
We watched them treading the grapes.
tread water

to keep oneself afloat in an upright position by moving the legs (and arms).

nager debout



the grooved and patterned surface of a tyre

bande de roulement
The tread has been worn away.

the horizontal part of a step or stair on which the foot is placed.

marche, giron

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