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noun countabletune /tun, tyun/
=melody; a series of musical notes that sound pleasant
air masculine

I like the tune, but not the words.
J'aime bien l'air mais pas les paroles.
in tune with
having a strong understanding or connection with
être au diapason de / en accord avec

a politician who is in tune with the country's needs
un politicien qui est au diapason des / en accord avec les besoins du pays
to the tune of
emphasizes how large an amount of money is
pour la jolie somme de

He bought himself a big house, to the tune of $4 million.
Il s'est acheté une grande maison pour la jolie somme de 4 millions.


verb transitivetune /tun, tyun/
( tune up,) to adjust a musical instrument to make it play the correct notes

She tuned up her violin.
Elle a accordé son violon.
to move the controls on a radio to find a station

He tuned the radio to 98.5.
Elle a réglé la radio sur 98.5.
be tuned to
to be listening to
être à l'écoute de

You're tuned to Austin's best rock.
Vous êtes à l'écoute du meilleur rock d'Austin.
( tune up,) to adjust an engine so it runs better

The engine needs tuning.
Le moteur a besoin d'être réglé.

tune in

verb phrasaltune in [ ˈtun ˈɪn, ˈtyun ]
to watch or listen to a particular TV or radio station or program
être à l'écoute / devant son téléviseur

Millions of viewers tuned in to watch the finals.
Des millions de spectateurs étaient devant leur téléviseur pour regarder les finales.

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noun /tjuːn/

musical notes put together in a particular (melodic and pleasing) order; a melody

He played a tune on the violin.
tuneful adjective

having a good, clear, pleasant etc tune

That song is very tuneful.
tunefully adverb

tunefulness noun

caractère mélodieux
tuneless adjective

without a good etc tune; unmusical

The child was singing in a tuneless voice.
tunelessly adverb

tunelessness noun

tuner noun

(also piano-tuner) a person whose profession is tuning pianos.


the dial on a radio etc used to tune in to the different stations.

réglage de syntonisation

a radio which is part of a stereo system.

change one’s tune

to change one’s attitude, opinions etc

changer de ton
He soon changed his tune when he realized tha there was money to be mede from the situation.
in tune

(of a musical instrument) having been adjusted so as to give the correct pitches

Is the violin in tune with the piano?

(of a person’s singing voice) at the same pitch as that of other voices or instruments

Someone in the choir isn’t (singing) in tune.
out of tune

not in tune

She was singing out of tune.
tune in

to tune a radio (to a particular station or programme)

régler (sur)
We usually tune (the radio) in to the news.
tune up

(of an orchestra etc) to tune instruments

The band were tuning up just before the performance.



to adjust a radio so that it receives a particular station

régler (sur)
The radio was tuned to a German station.

to adjust (an engine etc) so that it runs well.

mettre au point

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