Translation of "ugly" - English-French dictionary


adjectiveugly /ˈʌgli/ ( uglier, ugliest )
≠beautiful; not pretty or attractive

an ugly concrete building
un bâtiment laid en béton

She thinks he's ugly.
Elle pense qu'il est laid.
(of behavior or a situation) unpleasant, unkind, and sometimes violent
horrible , affreux/-euse

his ugly, racist remarks
ses affreuses remarques racistes

Then the situation turned ugly.
Ensuite la situation est devenue horrible.


noun uncountableugliness /ˈʌglinɪs/
laideur feminine , horreur feminine

the ugliness of the design
la laideur du design

We were appalled at the ugliness we saw at the rally.
Nous avons été consternés par l'horreur dont nous avons été témoins au rassemblement.

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adjective /ˈaɡli/

unpleasant to look at

She is rather an ugly young woman.

unpleasant, nasty or dangerous

ugly black clouds
The crowd was in an ugly mood.
ugliness noun


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