Translation of "understand" - English-French dictionary


verbunderstand /ˌʌndərˈstænd/ ( pt pp understood )
to know what sb means

She was crying so hard, I couldn't understand her.
Elle pleurait tellement, je n'arrivais pas à la comprendre.

I'm sorry, I don't understand. Do you speak English?
Désolé, je ne comprends pas. Parlez-vous anglais ?
transitive-intransitive to know the reason for sth, or how sth works or is done

I don't understand why she didn't turn up.
Je ne comprends pas pourquoi elle n'y est pas arrivée.

I don't understand how to use this camera.
Je ne comprends pas comment utiliser cette caméra.

You need to understand the rules before you can play.
Vous devez comprendre les règles avant de pouvoir jouer.
transitive-intransitive to realize why sb feels or behaves in a particular way
comprendre , concevoir

I just don't understand why she stays with him.
Je n'arrive tout simplement pas à comprendre/concevoir pourquoi elle reste avec lui.

My parents don't understand me.
Mes parents ne me comprennent pas.

I understand, if you don't feel like coming.
Je comprends, si tu n'as pas envie de venir.
to believe sth is true after being told

We understand the prisoners will be released soon.
Nous apprenons que les prisonniers seront bientôt relâchés.
make yourself understood
to communicate what you mean to sb
se faire comprendre

We made ourselves understood with hand signals.
On s'est fait comprendre en faisant des signes de la main.

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verb /andəˈstӕnd/ (past tense, past participle understood /-ˈstud/)

to see or know the meaning of (something)

I can’t understand his absence
Speak slowly to foreigners so that they’ll understand you.

to know (eg a person) thoroughly

She understands children/dogs.

to learn or realize (something), eg from information received

At first I didn’t understand how ill she was
I understood that you were planning to leave today.
understandable adjective

that can be understood

His anger is quite understandable.
understanding adjective

(of a person) good at knowing how other people feel; sympathetic

an understanding person
Try to be more understanding!
make (oneself) understood

to make one’s meaning or intentions clear

se faire comprendre
He tried speaking German to them, but couldn’t make himself understood.



the ability to sympathize with another person’s feelings

His kindness and understanding were a great comfort to her.

a (state of) informal agreement

The two men have come to / reached an understanding after their disagreement.

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