Translation of "voice" - English-French dictionary


nounvoice /vɔɪs/
countable the sound that comes out of your mouth when you speak or sing
voix feminine

She spoke in a loud/quiet voice.
Elle parlait d'une voix forte/douce.

his amazing singing voice
sa voix merveilleuse
raise your voice
to speak in a loud, angry way
élever la voix

My father never raised his voice at me.
Mon père n'a jamais élevé la voix contre moi.
sb's voice breaks
indicates the lowering of a boy's voice during puberty
la voix de qqn mue

His voice is starting to break.
Sa voix commence à muer.
lose your voice
to not be able to speak because of illness
perdre sa voix

I'm starting to lose my voice.
Je commence à perdre ma voix.
singular sb's opinion
voix feminine

It's important to have your voice heard.
C'est important de faire entendre sa voix.
countable an expression of the opinions of a group
porte-parole masculine

The newspaper is the voice of the poor.
Le journal est le porte-parole des pauvres.


verb transitivevoice [ vɔɪs ]
to express your thoughts or opinions

to voice your concerns
exprimer ses préoccupations

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noun /vois/

the sounds from the mouth made in speaking or singing

He has a very deep voice
He spoke in a quiet/loud/angry/kind voice.

the voice regarded as the means of expressing opinion

The voice of the people should not be ignored
the voice of reason/conscience.
voiced adjective

(negative unvoiced).

voiceless adjective

sans voix
voicemail noun

a system that stores telephone messages for subscribers to this service

messagerie vocale
Have you checked your voicemail?
be in good voice

to have one’s voice in good condition for singing or speaking

être en voix
The choir was in good voice tonight.
lose one’s voice

to be unable to speak eg because of having a cold, sore throat etc

perdre la voix
When I had ’flu I lost my voice for three days.
raise one’s voice

to speak more loudly than normal especially in anger

élever la voix
I don’t want to have to raise my voice to you again.



to produce the sound of (especially a consonant) with a vibration of the vocal cords as well as with the breath

‘Th’ should be voiced in ‘this’ but not in ‘think’.

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