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verbwear /wɛər/ ( pt wore pp worn )
transitive to have a piece of clothing, jewelry, etc. on your body
porter , mettre

He was wearing a black jacket.
Il portait une veste noire.

Which earrings should I wear?
Quelle boucles d'oreilles dois-je mettre ?

He wore thick glasses.
Il porte des lunettes aux verres épais.
transitive-intransitive to damage or become damaged through continuous use

Eventually the carpet had worn thin.
Finalement la moquette s'est usée jusqu'à la corde.
wear a hole in sth
trouer qqch

He wore a hole in the knee of his pants.
Il a troué son pantalon au genou.
transitive to have your hair in a particular style

She wore her hair up in a ponytail.
Elle relevait ses cheveux en queue de cheval.

He wears his hair long.
Il a les cheveux longs.
wear thin
to become annoying or tiring

His constant jokes are wearing thin.
Ses plaisanteries incessantes sont éculées.

wear away

verb phrasalwear away [ ˈwɛər əˈweɪ ]
to gradually become or make smaller through constant rubbing or movement

The waves have worn away the rocks.
Les vagues ont érodé les rochers.

Its teeth had worn away.
Ses dents se sont usées.

wear down

verb phrasalwear down [ ˈwɛər ˈdaʊn ]
to make feel frustrated and tired by doing sth repeatedly

The constant arguments were wearing them both down.
Les disputes incessantes les minaient tous les deux.
wear away

The waves have worn the rocks down.
Les vagues ont usé/érodé les rochers.

wear off

verb phrasalwear off [ ˈwɛər ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
to gradually disappear
se dissiper , s'apaiser

The effects of the drug are wearing off.
Les effets du médicaments se dissipent.

The excitement over the new game has worn off.
L'excitation à propos du nouveau jeu s'est apaisée.

wear out

verb phrasalwear out [ ˈwɛər ˈaʊt ]
to tire

My job wears me out.
Mon travail m'épuise.
to become or make damaged by constant use

The car's engine is wearing out.
Le moteur de la voiture s'use.
; see also worn-out


noun uncountablewear /wɛər/
the amount of use sth has had
usure feminine

Replace the tires after two years of normal wear.
Remplacez les pneus après deux années d'usure normale.
wear and tear
damage that occurs through regular use
usure feminine

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verb /weə/ (past tense wore /woː/, past participle worn /woːn/)

to be dressed in or carry on (a part of) the body

She wore a white dress
Does she usually wear glasses?

to arrange (one’s hair) in a particular way

She wears her hair in a ponytail.

to have or show (a particular expression)

She wore an angry expression on her face.

to (cause to) become thinner etc because of use, rubbing etc

This carpet has worn in several places
This sweater is wearing thin at the elbows.

to make (a bare patch, a hole etc) by rubbing, use etc

I’ve worn a hole in the elbow of my jacket.

to stand up to use

résister (à l’usure)
This material doesn’t wear very well.
wearable adjective

(negative unwearable) fit to be worn

My only wearable coat is at the cleaners.
wearer noun

personne qui porte (…)
a dress that makes the wearer feel elegant.
wearing adjective


I’ve had rather a wearing day.
worn /woːn/ adjective

damaged as a result of use

a badly-worn carpet.
wear away

to make or become damaged, thinner, smoother etc through use, rubbing etc

The steps have (been) worn away in places.
wear off

to become less

The pain is wearing off.
wear out

to (cause to) become unfit for further use

My socks have worn out
I’ve worn out my socks.
worn out

so damaged by use as to be unfit for further use

usé jusqu’à la corde
These shoes are worn out
a worn-out sweater.

very tired

His wife is worn out after looking after the children.



articles for use as clothes

vêtements (de)
casual wear
leisure wear.

(sometimes wear and tear) damage due to use

The hall carpet is showing signs of wear.

ability to withstand use

There’s plenty of wear left in these boots.

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