Translation of "where" - English-French dictionary


adverb /weə/

(to or in) which place (?)

Where are you going (to)?
Do you know where we are?
Where does he get his ideas from?
We asked where to find a good restaurant.
whereabouts adverb

near or in what place(?)

oû (donc)
Whereabouts is it?
I don’t know whereabouts it is.
whereabouts noun singular or plural

the place where a person or thing is

lieu oû se trouve (qqn/qqch.)
I don’t know his whereabouts.
whereas conjunction

when in fact; but on the other hand

tandis que
He thought I was lying, whereas I was telling the truth.
whereby relative pronoun

by which

par quoi; par quel moyen…
We made a deal whereby he would have to deliver the goods by the end of the month.
whereupon conjunction

at or after which time, event etc

après quoi; et sur ce
He insulted her, whereupon she slapped him.
wherever relative pronoun

no matter where

n’importe/partout oû
I’ll follow you wherever you may go
Wherever he is he will be thinking of you.

(to or in) any place that

(là) oû
Go wherever he tells you to go.

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